Media Coverage

Bob Moriarty, 321gold (12/23/11)
“Probably the biggest sleeper I have seen this year is a company now called Orocan Resource Corp. . .it controls 12 large-flake, high-grade graphite projects in Quebec and Ontario. . .you have to believe in the future of graphite. It’s one of those minerals forgotten in the mining boom of the last 10 years but thanks to the brilliant work on graphite by Mike Berry, the investor market is waking up to the giant potential of graphite.”
David Yeager, The Bottom Line Report (12/19/11)
“In addition to having some of the most prospective properties in Canada, in a sector poised for serious growth, with a management team experienced enough to move things forward, investors in Orocan Resources Corp. have the added benefit of being involved with a very well-structured company: With just over 15M shares issued and outstanding right now, the company will not have to battle dilution anytime in the near future. As the investing public wakes up to the emergence of graphite as the next commodity that global powers are seeking to secure, readers would be well served to think about the possibilities Orocan will give them in 2012.”